Gear Up for the Holidays!

Hi-Ho Folks! . . . It's time to Make Merry and Gear Up for the Holiday Season
with Goodies and Good Cheer from PK Dwyer and King Pin Head Music


Find Mighty Bluesman PK Dwyer Busking at the Seattle Pike Place Market or Burien 5-Corners and score some Free Stickers!  Choose a single Favorite for your Loved Ones Holiday Sock or treat a Special Someone to a Complete Set. 

If you'd like to receive our Neat-o Stickers via Snail Mail please visit the Happening page for details.  We send 'em anywhere.  Free & World Wide!

Pick up a copy of PK Dwyer's acclaimed 2016 Blues Cd release Busker Do wherever you find PK performing for just $10 bucks!

Physical Cd copies of Mighty PK's Blues Odyssey back catalog titles are also available for $10 dollars each . . .  and there are still a few discs of the Classic Rock Cd reissue of The Jitters too.  Get one while you still can!

During the Winter months Fans & Folks will most often find PK Dwyer Busking his Blues at the Seattle Pike Place Market.  Look & Listen for PK in front of Starbucks - The Bridge - or The Pear Deli & Shoppe. On Rainy days PK busks it in the 'hood at Burien Five-Corners near Trader Joe's.

All of our Album Downloads are just $7 bucks and we are offering a plethora of Free Vintage Singles through December 31, 2016.  Go to our King Pin Head Music page for more info on all this Musical Goodness.

Wishing You All a Warm, Merry and Bright Holiday Season
And Peace & Prosperity in the Coming Years
♥ . . .  Team Dwyer and the King Pin Head Music Crew . . . ♥

Quote of the Moment

Folk music is the original melody of man; it is the musical mirror of the world.
Friedrich Nietzsche.

Taking it to the Market since 1972 

PK Dwyer has been performing his original music and song at the Seattle Pike Place Market since 1972 and you'll find PK busking his Sidewalk Hipster Blues at the Market in "real time" 2016.  During Fall and Winter Busking months look and listen for Mighty PK at the Pike Place Market 3 - 6 days per week.  He often performs in front of Starbucks or the Pear Deli & Shoppe.  Rainy weather?  You won't find PK loafing indoors!  He'll be performing at the Burien 5-Corners staging area between our own local Trader Joe's and the wonderful Khan's Mongolian Grill.  Sunny winter day?  You might find PK belting out the blues at the Mt Vernon Food Co-op or hobnobbing east side at Bellevue College.  Show a Busker some Love today and Tip Hearty! 

Photographs: PK Dwyer & Co. making music at the Pike Place Market in 1973
© James McFarlane  please use only with permissions
pictured left to right:  Ralph Tourigny - Bruce Buckner - Greg Korkowski
PK Dwyer - Donna Beck - Lou Hevly

pictured left to right:  Bruce Buckner - Greg Korkowski - PK Dwyer - Donna Beck


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PK Dwyer Events


Mt Vernon Tulip Festival Street Fair

 —  —

Downtown, Mt Vernon

PK Dwyer: Original Street Corner Blues


Dinkytown Tour

 —  —

Washington to Minnesota

PK Dwyer and the King Pin Head Music crew are making a pilgrimage tour to Dinkytown!

PK will be Busking his Blues at various Farmers Markets, select Small venues and random Street Corners & Fairs in Washington - Idaho - Montana - North Dakota - South Dakota and Minnesota

  • tour is in planning stage with dates subject to change