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Just Busking Around Tour

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Washington to California


PK Dwyer & Co. are busking the scenic route from Waterland to the Humboldt Redwood Forest!


News & Notes

King Pin Head Music presents:  
Get Some for Free!
We are proud and happy to be offering Free PK Dwyer music downloads and our Spring offerings are truly something special!  Whether you call these rarities from 1976 Folk or Americana this is absolutely some of the best acoustic music to come out of the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s.  Tell all your Friends . . . Share & Recommend!  These three lovely tunes with be available for free download until the end of May.  Check back here on the Home Page or sign up for the e-mail list to be notified when new songs are posted.  We're in the process of digging through the archives and will be featuring vintage, obscure, and unreleased PK Dwyer musical gems.  Stay Tuned!

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Celebrate 420! 

Here are The Jitters performing at Seattle's first Hemp Fest in 1979!  The first Seattle Hemp Fest took place in the Capitol Hill neighborhood at Volunteer Park.  As you can see, this awesome photo was used as the back cover of The Jitters Cd reissue After All, It IS 1980!  

The Jitters pictured left to right:  Dave Hutchison on bass - the incomparable and electrified PK Dwyer front & center - Rick Tassin on drums - Pete Pendras on guitar - and Donna Beck
The Jitters coming soon to Bandcamp! 
Available as an album or single tracks.  Yhee Haw!

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Renegade Busking 

Yesterday PK Dwyer & his crew decided to crash the Mt Vernon Tulip Festival Street Fair for a day of sunshine and busking.  It worked out to be a Go so Team Dwyer will be heading up North again today - Saturday, April 18 - for another day of fun & sun and PK busking his Cosmic American Blues!  
Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The MV Tulip Festival Street Fair features local artisans and craft vendors and, of course, Tulips galore!  This weekend the Hawaiian Donut Stand will be seeing long lines but you can entertain yourself with People Watching as there will be plenty of hippies, hipsters and characters of all types making the scene.

PK will aim to set up in his usual spot: near the Democrats Office across the street from the Skagit Valley Food Co-op and he'll be starting up around 11:00 am.  Stop past to hear some lively Sidewalk Hipster Blues before shopping at the Co-Op or as you wind your way through the Street Fair.  Show PK Dwyer some Love today & Tip him Hearty!  Don't forget to score a Free Sticker!

While performing on Friday PK had the pleasure of meeting & talking with Peace Wizard John C Bromet  We should all be inspired by the Peace Wizard and strive towards Peace and the Enlightenment of Humanity through kindness and compassion.  And, because April 22 is Earth Day, let us all take a moment to consider our footprint and the mark we are leaving on our little planet; we must remember to Love Our Mother Earth because Everyday is Earth Day.  Seriously.
Spring Peace photo of Peace Wizard: John C Bromet  
photographer Richard Lewis [May 2009]
photo courtesy John C Bromet

Throw Back Thursday 

An appropriate photo to go along with the new music downloads just posted: PK Dwyer & Donna Beck in Pioneer Square [Seattle] 1975.  PK & Donna not only had beautiful songs and the voices to go with them - they were the complete package with the looks too.  A beautiful snapshot of the era!
photo courtesy Steve Beardon

For Folk Enthusiasts Everywhere 

King Pin Head Music presents:
​Get Some For Free!
We are proud and happy to be offering Free PK Dwyer music downloads and our Spring offerings are truly something special!   Whether you call the songs Folk or Americana this is absolutely some of the best acoustic music to come out of the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s.

These lovely PK Dwyer tunes will be available for free download at the top of the Home page through the end of May.  Here are the musical gems we have in store for you this round, be sure to tell all your Friends . . . Share & Recommend!
  • Dandy Annie [1976]  this song features PK Dwyer & Donna Beck backed by some stellar Seattle musicians of the time.  [additional musicians listed on track info]
  • That You So Richly Deserve [1976]  PK & Donna as a duo -- and quite the beautiful tune
  • Rice Bowl Cafe [1976]  PK & Donna as a duo -- this is one of PK's very most favorite songs and one he's recorded in a variety of styles
Although the Rice Bowl Cafe no longer exists it was a real place down at the Pike Place Market and a favorite hangout for PK back in the day.  The street area in front of the Rice Bowl Cafe was also PK's busking spot.  Here are some wonderful photos of PK Dwyer & Co. performing at the Pike Place Market in 1973!
pictured left to right:  Bruce Buckner - Greg Korkowski  
PK Dwyer - Donna Beck

photos courtesy James McFarlane
© James McFarlane - all rights reserved
used with permission
pictured left to right:  Ralph Tourigny - Bruce Buckner 
Greg Korkowski  
PK Dwyer - Donna Beck - Lou Hevly

Bunnies & Chicks Dig It 

Happy Easter Everybody!  Eat a chocolate bunny, stuff your mouth with jelly beans, and get your boogie on with this video of PK Dwyer playing the song Easter Sunday at the Seattle Pike Place Market - [2013].  One of our most popular PK videos! - courtesy Kathy Katz

PK is keeping with our tradition this Easter with a brunch time busking performance on the Redondo Beach boardwalk near Salty's Restaurant - Des Moines, Washington.  Afterwards, Carol & PK will be making, eating, and enjoying a big dinner & eating lots o' chocolate.  Yhee Haw!  PK Dwyer will be back busking his blues Tuesday, April 7 at the Pike Place Market folks!

Season Opener 

Hi-Ho!  Today - Saturday, April 4 - marks PK Dwyer's first scheduled Farmers Market of the season.  PK will be rockin' some Early Morning Blues @ the awesome Proctor Farmers Market in Tacoma, Washington!  Treat your ears to some lively PK Dwyer tunes while shopping for goodies for your Easter Celebration.  The Proctor Market also features wonderful craft work by PNW Artisans and live plants for your garden.  Lets go folks - it's time to get growing!  

PK performs 9:00 - 11:00 am and the location is: N. 27th & Proctor Street - Tacoma, WA  Proctor Farmers Market 

Can't make it for today's performance? . . . No need to worry all you Fans O' PK!  He's scheduled at Proctor once a month through the end of the year and we have a plethora of other great Washington State Farmers Markets coming up on the roster.  PK's scheduled events are always posted right here on the Home page for easy viewing - check back often . . .
Show PK some Love this morning & Tip him Hearty . . . score some Free Stickers! for your Easter Basket!

Rainy Day Busking 

A little rain - or even a lot - does not keep a serious busker indoors . . . but a tooth-ache will!  Mighty PK was out of commission yesterday due to a dental emergency but he'll be back in action today - Wednesday, March 25 . . . PK will busking his super fine blues in spite of the rain & wind @ our local Burien Trader Joe's around the Noon hour.

Don't let the gloomy skies get you down! Stop by and pick up some groceries @ TJ's or treat yourself to a steaming bowl of noodles & veggies from Khan's Mongolian Grill [next door to Trader Joe's] while treating your ears to some lively PK Dwyer tunes!  

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Team Dwyer sends out a Hearty Thank You! to the [apparently many!] Friends, Fans, and Supporters out there who made the launch of the brand-spankin-new PK Dwyer website a super & resounding success!  We've had a tremendous response - with views and shares literally spanning the globe.  Yhee-Haw!  We are stoked!  Please continue to spread the good word - let's keep the PK Dwyer buzz going and the talk a flowing!
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