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Next up we are featuring a few songs from PK Dwyer's 1997 out-of-print Cd release Get Well.  The three songs It Just Wasn't You, Love Starvation and After the Crisis reveal yet another facet of PK's musical self and are recorded with a full band.  And although you might find a stray copy of Get Well floating around your local used music store these fine tunes have been virtually unavailable for years.  They'll be here as a free download until mid July . . . Tell all your Friends . . . Share & Recommend!  Check back here on the Home Page or sign up for the e-mail list to be notified when new songs are posted.  We're in the process of digging through the archives and will be featuring vintage, obscure, and unreleased PK Dwyer musical gems.  Stay Tuned!

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PK Dwyer and a rapt audience of one at the Pike Place Market on Sunday July 19, 2015 . . . this young fan was enraptured by PK & his Cosmic American Blues and kept ignoring his Mother's attempts to leave the Market . . . Sunday was an awesome and stupendous day for PK!  Many Folks showed Ol' PK some Love and did indeed Tip Hearty!  Thank You Seattle Residents . . . Visitors . . . and the Wonderful Pike Place Market.  You Rock!

Did You Know?  PK Dwyer performs approximately 200 dates per year at the Seattle Pike Place Market and is most often there in what is considered the off season [late September - April] During the Summer months look & listen for PK & His Blues at the PPM on Sundays.  Note to Fellow Buskers: permits are required to Busk at the Pike Place Market.  Get the lowdown here: Become a Busker


What does the future hold for songwriter creative force, and blues busker extraordinaire PK Dwyer? . . .

Specially scheduled performances at Seattle's Taproot Theater / Stage Door Cafe as part of Taproot's production of John-Michael Tebelak's Godspell.  PK will be performing at the Stage Door Cafe on Friday, July 31 and also closing night Saturday, August 15 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.  204 N 85th Street - Seattle, Washington.  A rare opportunity to catch PK's Blues indoors!  
More info: Taproot Theatre

A Plethora of Farmers Markets!  Mighty PK has many [many!] scheduled appearances coming up at a variety of PNW Farmers Markets including a special invitation for an encore performance at the Carnation, WA Farmers Market on Tuesday, July 21 @ 4:00 pm.  Mr Dwyer has added a handful of New Markets to his roster this year and will be making debut appearances at the Shoreline Farmers Market on Saturday, August 8 @ 10 am and the Fife [Washington] Farmers Market on Friday, August 14 @ 4:00 pm . . . please support our awesome Washington Farmers, Crafters, and Buskers and remember PK has scheduled Markets throughout the entire year! . . . check in on the Home page or Events page for the full scope & scoop on PK Dwyer's scheduled appearances and on other days look for PK busking his bluesy heart out at the Seattle Pike Place Market or our own B-Town Trader Joe's . . .

New Free Music downloads wil be posted July 31 . . . stay tuned!

PK Dwyer performing at the 2nd Annual Roslyn Art Festival -- August 22 & 23!  Details 

In the works:  Two Vintage Folk tunes from Dwyer & Beck [circa 1976] coming soon to bandcamp along with PK Dwyer's entire Blues Catalogue.  Tour Notes from the Just Busking Around Tour posted will be posted soon to The Back Page & Jitters Trivia Contest coming in Rocktober -- be prepared!

Projects & Projections: PK will be in the Recording Studio at Garey Shelton Productions November 3 & 4 and King Pin Head Music expects to unveil a brand new album of PK Dwyer's stupendous original blues in February 2016. 

Just Busking Around Tour! 

On June 18th, 2015 PK Dwyer embarks on the Just Busking Around Tour!  Travel dates: June 18 through June 30.  Scope: Waterland [Washington] to the Humbolt Redwood Forest [Northern California].  

Yep, for the first time in several years PK Dwyer is hitting the road and -- along with his trusty road crew --  will be busking his Cosmic American Blues down the West Coast via scenic Highway 101.  PK & Co. will be starting off with a few days  on the Washington Long Beach Peninsula!  Look for Mighty PK and Listen for his Blues in and around the town of Seaview & the lively arts scene in Westport.

Next, you'll be able to catch PK busking his bluesy heart out in the beautiful state of Oregon.  Keep your ears open for Sidewalk Hipster Blues in and around the towns of Seaside, Tillamook, Newport and Golden Beach.  Mr & Mrs D will then spend some time visiting old haunts in Northern California, exploring the Humbolt Redwood Forest and of course PK will be out & about busking his super fine blues!  Be on the lookout & listen for PK in Crescent City, Eureka and the Fortuna area in gorgeous Northern Cal!

The return trip will find PK meandering his way back up the coast with side excursions to Ashland and Eugene, Oregon . . .
I wish I could tell y'all exactly when & where PK will be performing each day but that is impossible because he'll be 
Just Busking Around!

If the music moves you show PK Dwyer some Love & Tip him Hearty!  Score some awesome free stickers and free vintage PK Dwyer tunes!  And if you happen to spy PK & His Mighty Blues out on the road please send your photos and / or video to: 
Slated for 2016:  The Further Tour . . .
 Waterland to Mt. Tamalpias, California!

Hot Damn! 

Wahoo! & Oh Boy!  The Jitters are now on bandcamp . . .
Tell everyone you know!

Summer Pop 

King Pin Head Music presents:
Get some for Free!
We are proud & happy to be offering
Free PK Dwyer Music downloads!

New songs posted today for your supreme listening pleasure!  Three summer time tunes from PK Dwyer's 1997 out-of-print Cd release Get Well. Treat your ears to the rarities: It Just Wasn't You  Love Starvation and  After the Crisis  These lovely pop songs feature yet another aspect of PK's musical persona and have been virtually unavailable for years. They'll be accessible here until mid/late July.  Don't delay . . . download today!
all songs written by © PK Dwyer / King Pin Head Music / ASCAP
recorded, mixed and produced by Michael Lord / 1997

Throw Back Thursday 

Publicity photo of The Hollywood Dick Doll Revue - 1983!  Hollywood Dick Doll gets a lift from the Assettes . . . pictured left to right:  Annie Reed - PK Dwyer as Hollywood Dick Doll - and Carrington MacDuffie.
image property of © PK Dwyer 

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Hey!  Did you know you can get a Free Sticker wherever you find PK Dwyer busking his super fine blues?  You'll find PK performing at the Seattle Pike Place Market regularly throughout the week [year round!] and at a wide variety of Farmers Markets across the Puget Sound area.  Want a sticker but don't live in the PNW?  No problem!  Just send us an email with stickers please in the subject line.  Indicate which sticker you'd like and we will send you one!  Yep, it's true . . . pick your favorite or request the complete set and we will mail it off to you Absolutely Free & No Strings Attached.  Don't delay . . . get one today!
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1970s Folk & Americana: Seattle Style 

Only a few days left for the Free Music Downloads of Dandy Annie, Rice Bowl Cafe and That You So Richly Deserve.  Get 'em right here at the Top of the Home page. . .  three superb but virtually forgotten acoustic gems penned by PK Dwyer and beautifully sung by PK Dwyer & Donna Beck.  New Free Music Downloads will be posted June 3rd - check in next week for new tunes!

vinyl 45 sleeve Dandy Annie / Drawbridge
released 1976  Seattle, Washington

limited number of original vinyl 45 available
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Throw Back Thursday 

PK Dwyer busking his super fine blues in Central Park, New York City - 2007.  PK became such a regular sight performing in Central Park that Levin Playground came to be known as PK's Place [2006 - 2010]  Thank You for this wonderful video time capsule of the song No Longer My Girlfriend!

James Michael Levin playground is located at East 76th Street in New York City's Central Park

Going There 

This summer PK Dwyer will proudly be performing his Cosmic American Blues at the 2nd Annual Roslyn Art Festival in downtown Roslyn, Washington.  This year the RAF takes place Saturday, August 22 and Sunday, August 23 with a juried art show, artisan booths, live music and a Saturday night reception & wine tasting.  Details on PK's performance to be announced soon.  Stay Tuned!